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Party Survey

70's Birthday Bash
Survey Results Below

Please complete the survey.   You can also leave public comments in the comments section below or you can send your private comments to the class email:

70's Birthday Bash Party Survey
Would you be interested in attending a 70's Birthday Bash Party sometime in 2023?
When would be a good time to hold this event?
Would you prefer an Indoor Event or a Picnic?
What day would you prefer to have the event?
Which would you prefer for an Indoor Event?
Which would you prefer for a picnic?
Would you be interested in attending a combined event with the Class of 70 and Class of 72?
Did you attend the 50th Reunion?
How satisfied were you with the 50th Reunion? (rate stars from 1 to 5)

Thanks for your feedback!

Results will be updated weekly

If you would like to help with this event send an email to:

Public Comments 

The comment section below will only display the last 10 comments posted.   

NOTE:  there is a delay in posting of comments.   A separate table will be updated weekly that will list all collected comments that have been posted.  

Hopewell Class of 71 Birthday Bash Survey

Interested           29 Yes   1 No

When                   11 Summer          7 Fall                     12 Either

Type                     8 Indoor               8 Picnic                15 Either

What Day            6 Saturday           4 Friday                20 Either

Food                     7 Buffet               6 hors d'oeuvres 16 Either

Picnic                    20 Catered          2 Bring Dish           8 Either

Joint Reunion     19 Yes                  11 No

Attended 50th     23 Yes                  7 No

Reunion Rating – All 5 Stars


Places to hold event

Hopewell community park

Hopewell municipal park, or whatever it is called now.

The Fez, Serbian Club

local clubs


7 Oaks or Shadow Lakes

Bradys Run Lodge or 4 Seasons Pavilion

Independence Park/Hopewell Park

Hopewell or moon area

an indoors with outdoor patio access facility like a Shadow Lakes or Seven Oaks

Jacksons Restaurant, Fez, Shadow Lakes.

Hopewell community park

Friday evening for drinks. Saturday for picnic.

Hopewell Park (Lakewood)

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